Watch Sun Kil Moon Play A Humorous New Song “This Is Not Possible”

Usually, Mark Kozelek doesn’t want audience members to film his shows. It’s part of his whole curmudgeon shtick. But during Sun Kil Moon’s set at Festsaal Kreuzberg in Berlin on Sunday, he not only allowed the audience to film him but came as close to actively encouraging it as possible while still being, y’know, Mark Kozelek. “This song is called ‘This Is Not Possible.’ This is going to be a one-off song. Anybody wants to get it on their phone, you can use your phone, I won’t jump into the audience and beat the shit out of you,” he told the crowd. “But the thing is, you all gotta sing along with me.” He then led the audience in one of his signature story-songs about how disagreeable the city of Frankfurt is and how agreeable Dutch people are. One fan recorded it and Kozelek posted the footage on his official website, so you can watch and listen below.

In other Sun Kil Moon news, Kozelek will be singing Christmas songs with actor Kevin Corrigan in NYC on 12/28. Find more information about that here.

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