The Royal They – “Sludgefucker”

Brooklyn trio the Royal They have one full-length full of springy and blistering post-punk to their name so far and they’re going to release their sophomore album, Foreign Being, early next year. Lead single “Sludgefucker” squeezes in some impressive dynamic swells in four minutes time — it starts off roaring and drops out in the middle, only to build it up and break it all back down again. Tucked in the center of all that noise is the syrupy, snarling voice of Michelle Hutt, who spits out her words with a preacher’s intense fanaticism, providing some welcome dissonance to the rest of the band’s intense focus. It’s a thrilling ride, and you can listen to it via Post-Trash below.

Foreign Being is out 1/26 via King Pizza Records. Pre-order it on tape here.