The Fake Grunge Lexicon Was Published 25 Years Ago Today

On Nov. 15, 1992, The New York Times published “Grunge: A Success Story,” a trend piece about the emerging Seattle music scene. While reporting the story, writer Rick Marin found himself on the phone with Sub Pop receptionist Megan Jasper, explaining that he was looking to put together a glossary of “grunge-speak” to accompany the feature. Flummoxed by all the mainstream attention, Jasper decided to answer Marin’s question about grunge lingo by making up a bunch of slang words on the spot. That became the basis for a now-infamous sidebar called “Lexicon Of Grunge.” Take a look:

In a recent feature at The Ringer, Jasper said she was “totally overcaffeinated” during the interview. As a result, “I gave them a bunch of fake shit.” Lamestain journalists from the Tom-Tom Club ought to consider this a reminder to always double-check their sources unless they want to look like a bunch of cob nobblers.