No One Recognized Rita Ora On The Voice In Germany

Poor Rita Ora, forever cursed to wander this earth as a famous but like, not that famous a person. The British pop star has never really caught on in America — although not for lack of trying — and apparently, she never really caught on in Germany either. Entertainment Weekly reports that not a single judge recognized her when she made a surprise appearance on The Voice Of Germany the other day, singing her own recent single “Your Song,” which peaked at #13 on the German charts. All four judges were into her performance, but when they turned their chairs around to see her, they didn’t quite get that she was already a famous person. “It sounded almost like the original!” one judge said by way of a compliment. When she finally revealed her name after first introducing herself as “a 26-year-old aspiring musician from London,” another judge laughed. “Okay, you’re kidding us. Are you a double?” To which Rita Ora could only protest, “No I’m not a double, it’s really me!” Watch below.

Remember when Rita Ora tweeted that she would release new music if she got 100,000 retweets, only got 2000 retweets, and then deleted the tweet and claimed she was hacked? That was funny. Probably not to Rita Ora. Sorry, Rita Ora.

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