Watch Stone Temple Pilots’ First Performance With New Lead Singer

I am a big fan, so take this with a grain of salt, but: The new Stone Temple Pilots song is not bad! New singer Jeff Gutt hews close enough to Scott Weiland’s high-register Tiny Music-era rasp to pass in a pinch, and the DeLeos’ glammy pop-rock chops remain impeccable. It gives me hope for how well Gutt will be able to handle STP’s classics in concert. Not sure if I’d be willing to pay to see a version of STP without the late Scott Weiland — their Chester Bennington era never much interested me — but it’s nice to know the replacement guy can hit his marks when called upon.

Well, maybe he can hit his marks. SiriusXM has uploaded official footage from Gutt-era STP’s first gig at the Troubadour in LA, and after hearing his treatment of Purple deep cut “Still Remains,” for me the verdict is still out. Below, check out footage of that one plus the new single, “Meadow.”