NYC Subway Crisis Reaches Alarming New High

Things are already bad enough for the commuters of New York. The subway system, drained of money and in dire need of repair, has been breaking down all summer. Trains are late. Trains don’t show up. Trains get stuck in tunnels. Subway platforms are overcrowded. And now, Jimmy Fallon and members of Maroon 5 are showing up in terrible fake beards and wigs to sing Queen songs and mug frantically for cameras. Last night on The Tonight Show, Fallon aired a vignette where he, Adam Levine, and James Valentine wore disguises to busk on the subway. People showed up to watch, which probably had less to do with Maroon 5’s innate musical talent and more to do with the camera crew that accompanied them. And if you really feel like you need to watch the dramatic reveal and the mass “Sugar” singalong, go nuts below.

I like how James Valentine bothered to wear a disguise. As if anyone would’ve been like, “Hey, it’s a non-Adam Levine guy from Maroon 5!”