Scarface – “Black Still”

There’s a strong case to be made that the Houston pioneer Scarface is the greatest rapper who has ever lived. And at the age of 47, the man is still capable of some absolute fire. Case in point: The new single “Black Still.” Scarface is getting ready to release Deeply Rooted: The Lost Files, a 10-song mini-album follow up to Deeply Rooted, the solid album he released in 2015. “Black Still,” the first single, repurposes the Public Enemy classic “Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos” and turns an absolutely unflinching eye on the state of race relations in America in 2015. Scarface is throwing absolute bombs on this thing, and you can hear it below.

Deeply Rooted: The Lost Files is out 12/15 on Facemob/BMG.

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