BROCKHAMPTON’s “Last Studio Album” Saturation III Is Out 12/15

We named internet-founded creative collective BROCKHAMPTON one of this year’s best new bands (best new boy bands?) on the strength of Saturation and especially Saturation II, the first two entries in their 2017 albums trilogy. They’ve just confirmed a 12/15 release date for Saturation III, and it looks like the LP may be a grand finale for more than just the Saturation series. The promotional art announcing the release date includes the caption, “THE LAST STUDIO ALBUM BY BROCKHAMPTON.” It’s unclear whether that’s to be taken seriously, but if so, it also raises questions about whether their upcoming Love Your Parents Tour will be doubling as a farewell voyage. We’ve reached out to a spokesperson for clarification.

If BROCKHAMPTON really are calling it quits already, what a genius exercise in legend-making this whole project has been. Pre-order the Saturation box set here.

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