Caroline Rose – “Money” Video

Caroline Rose is wild and electric — or so suggests her new single “Money” and its video. The track, from Rose’s forthcoming album Loner, is a rockabilly-infused punk outburst about late capitalism and our cultural obsession with currency. It would be enough to grab your attention on the sonic axis alone, but in conjunction with the Horatio Baltz-directed visuals, in which Rose plays every role, “Money” is basically impossible to ignore. Rose explains to Noisey:

I wanted it to be less obvious than what the song is about, to make it [into] a sort of manic, paranoid mini-story that creates more questions than it answers. For instance, is all one person having a schizophrenic experience? Or are they all supposed to be different people in this nondescript motel? Where did this mysterious bag of money come from? Why are they freaking out about what looks like not a lot of money?

Watch below.

Loner is out 2/23 on New West. Pre-order it here.