Stream Coma Cinema Loss Memory

Coma Cinema is one of many in Mat Cothran’s wide web of projects — which also includes Elvis Depressedly and the music he puts out under his given name, most recently this year’s Judas Hung Himself In America — but Loss Memory is being billed as the final Coma Cinema album, which has a lineage of releases dating back almost a decade. It’s part of a continuum with the rest of his work, as Cothran constructs a large catalog made up of songs that excavate his childhood, pained reflections on a rough upbringing that’s pushed forward by a constant search for betterment and companionship and peace. “I’m the fucked up kid in school/ Maybe I’ll join the army/ No one will ever know me truly/ My rage has silenced a cry for help,” he sings on “Tender.” Loss Memory is warmly warped and tenderly realized, and Cothran’s ear for melodies you can lose yourself in is as sharp as ever. The album’s title track and “Running Wide Open” are two of the most affecting songs that Cothran has ever written, instantly familiar and enduring, and the chorus of the latter seems as good a mission statement as any: “I want to be an engine/ Running wide open/ Running wide open until I can’t run no more.” Listen to Loss Memory below.

Loss Memory is out now.