Reggie And The Full Effect – “The Horrible Year”

Ever since 1998, James Dewees, keyboardist for the Get Up Kids, has held down a deeply silly synthpop side project called Reggie And The Full Effect. The whole thing was a major cult favorite among emo and hardcore circles in the early ’00s; you should’ve seen the way kids at Get Up Kids shows used to chant for Reggie back in the day. And it’s still going! Early next year, Dewees will release 41, the first new Reggie album in five years. (The Adele-parody cover art is particularly inspired.) And he’s shared first single “The Horrible Year,” a grand and catchy synth-emo ballad that would’ve become a mixtape staple if it had existed 17 years ago. Check it out below.

41 is out 2/23 on Pure Noise.