Run The Jewels Unveil Countdown Clock, “Emergency Tip Line”

Run The Jewels are launching something this Friday, 12/15 at 12:15PM EST. That much is clear based on the countdown clock the rap duo has launched at, as well as the text message you get after calling the site’s “emergency tip line.” By the way, yes, there is also an emergency tip line. You can dial 1-646-846-RTJ3 to hear… some brief chatter about “strange weather patterns” in New York, and not much else. The website is also designed to look like a TV news report. Presumably this is counting down to a music video, maybe for one of the tracks on last year’s Christmas fucking miracle RTJ3? Considering the teaser site plays the beat from “Call Ticketron,” that would be my guess. Whatever it is, you can explore the site here.

UPDATE: According to Twitter user @seancholm, the website’s source code indicates that the “Call Ticketron” video is indeed what RTJ are teasing.