Happy New Year From Half Waif And A Dancing Julien Baker

Thanks to her catalog of emotionally charged indie-rock ballads and a seemingly endless series of thoughtful interviews (including a recent Stereogum cover story), Julien Baker has a reputation for deep melancholia. Her sad-girl brand is strong. So she’s not the first artist you’d expect to dance with abandon in a goofy YouTube video. Yet here she is playing against type in a fun low-budget performance piece costarring tour-mates Half Waif. While Nandi Rose Plunkett’s band kicks out their 2017 highlight “Severed Logic” — a song that premiered on Stereogum almost exactly a year ago — Baker busts a move in front of the stage in joyous, comical fashion. It’s truly delightful, so watch below.

Half Waif’s form/a EP is out now on Cascine.