BØRNS – “God Save Our Young Blood” (Feat. Lana Del Rey)

Psychedelic synth-pop star BØRNS has a new single with Interscope label-mate Lana Del Rey out today. It’s called “God Save Our Young Blood,” and it’s the first track on BØRNS’ new album Blue Madonna. Consider this song the 2018 version of the Postal Service, a cocktail of festival-friendly sounds that merges indie-pop precociousness with trap drums and EDM’s grand, surging sweep. (In other words, it sounds exactly like you think it sounds.) I can imagine “God Save Our Young Blood” becoming a big hit, but I wish Del Rey’s presence on the track was more substantial; she is audible throughout, but in what amounts to a background vocalist role. Listen for yourself.

Blue Madonna is out 1/12 on Interscope.