Corey Flood – “Feel Okay”

Corey Flood are a new band based out of Philadelphia that’s fronted by Ivy Gray-Klein, who plays bass in Littler, and they’re releasing their debut EP, Wish You Hadn’t, next month. They make the sort of creeping, menacing rock music that crawls under your skin, and lead single “Feel Okay” sounds like it’s folding in on itself. An aching call-and-response in the chorus takes Gray-Klein’s restrained teeth-clenching hook (“Does it feel okay?”) and answers it with a feverish and gloomy chord that echoes through the rest of the song. Listen below.

01 “Crypt”
02 “Soft”
03 “Feel Okay”
04 “Causeway”

The Wish You Hadn’t EP is out 2/23 via Fire Talk Records. Pre-order it here.

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