The Men – “Maybe I’m Crazy”

There was a time (2010-2014, specifically) when the Men were kicking out a new album every year, earning rave reviews and a fervent following for their rangy and wide-ranging approach to rock ‘n’ roll. They changed a lot along the way, evolving from confrontational noise-punks into something like garage-rock descendants of fellow nondescript nomenclature aficionados the Band, rockers with rootsy underpinnings and a rotating cast of frontMen. They’ve slowed down slightly since that early-decade stretch, but the New York rockers are back this year with the follow-up to 2016’s Devil Music. Drift, which finds them reuniting with old label home Sacred Bones, marks the Men’s tenth anniversary as a band, and apparently they’re still mutating. Lead single and album opener “Maybe I’m Crazy” is a murky oscillating dance-punk track that finds the midpoint between Suicide and Gil Mantera’s Party Dream. Listen below.


1. “Maybe I’m Crazy”
2. “When I Held You In My Arms”
3. “Secret Light”
4. “Rose On Top Of The World”
5. “So High”
6. “Killed Someone”
7. “Sleep”
8. “Final Prayer”
9. “Come To Me”

Drift is out 3/2 on Sacred Bones. Pre-order it here.

CREDIT: Josh Goleman
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