Kanye West Says That You Should Only Wear “Tiny Little Glasses” Now

Over the past year, there have been lots of vague reports that Kanye West is working on new music. But we haven’t actually heard any of that music, so we don’t know whether he’s actually doing it. We do know, however, that he is micromanaging his wife’s eyewear.

As The Cut points out, West’s wife Kim Kardashian West spoke about West’s glasses preferences on a recent episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. In explaining her choice of sunglasses, Kim, at lunch with her friend Jonathan Cheban, said, “[Kanye] sent me a whole email like, ‘You cannot wear big glasses anymore. It’s all about tiny little glasses… He sent me like, millions of ’90s photos with tiny little glasses like this.” Kim was wearing what The Cut calls “teeny-tiny Matrix-like sunglasses,” so if you still have any of those, it’s time to dig them out, apparently.

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