Amen Dunes – “Miki Dora” Video

New York indie band Amen Dunes released their most recent album, Love, back in 2014. Today they’ve come out with a video for their latest single, “Miki Dora,” in preparation for their upcoming fifth LP, Freedom. The track shares its name with the notable, yet infamous surfer who had been dubbed both the “king of Malibu” and a bigot.

Directed by Steven Brahms (who also directed a short film for Vogue in which Lena Dunham gets to fulfill my dream of eating In-N-Out burgers in bed), the video cuts between old Popeye cartoons, clips of what can be assumed to be Miki Dora surfing, depictions of Krishna and the Virgin Mary, and a boy (Boomer Feith, son of Michelle Obama-approved designer Tracy Feith) running through the streets of Manhattan. Combined with the literal nostalgia and the sheer satisfaction I get when Feith’s feet hit the ground in time with the snare, “Miki Dora” foreshadows themes of religion, childhood, and masculinity that are further explored in Freedom.

Freedom is out 3/30 via Sacred Bones. Pre-order it here.