Watch Portlandia’s Hardcore Band Reunion Sketch With Henry Rollins, Krist Novoselic, & Brendan Canty

In one of the century’s best Saturday Night Live sketches, Fred Armisen played a dad who reunited his old teenage hardcore band, which also featured Dave Grohl at his daughter’s wedding. That’s the same basic idea behind a sketch from Armisen’s show Portlandia, which will being its final season tomorrow night. As previously announced, the sketch features a few punk legends — Krist Novoselic, Henry Rollins, and Fugazi drummer Brendan Canty. In the sketch, Armisen’s Spyke character reunites his old band Riot Spray, but it goes in some different directions. Bruno Mars figures in heavily. Check it out below.

Portlandia’s final season begins tomorrow night on IFC.