Sitcom – “Still Life”

Since putting out his last Sitcom album, 2016’s Gig Bag, Jake Lazovick has been dropping demos and loosies via a song-a-week series at a steady clip, some of which include “Build House” and the Jennifer Vanilla-featuring “Shop ‘Til U Drop.” The Philly-based musician is gearing up to release another full-length project, Be The One You Love, next month, and he recently shared a song from it called “Still Life.” It’s clearly from the same mind that channeled hypnotic detachment so well in his earliest work, but it’s sleeker and more refined, an eerie wandering marked by creeping bass lines and Lazovick’s own impassive voice. “How ’bout that/ I’ll walk into the landscape/ I won’t come back,” he sings, like letting go just long enough to sink into a deep trance. Listen below.

Be The One You Love is out 2/24.

Tags: Sitcom