DJ Koze – “Seeing Aliens” & “Nein König Nein”

DJ Koze is back this year with another album-length display of his unique production prowess. It’s called Knock Knock, and who’s there is an impressive guest list including Bon Iver, Róisín Murphy, José González, Lambchop’s Kurt Wagner, and Speech from Arrested Development among others. To introduce the project, though, the German beat-maker is going it alone, sharing album track “Seeing Aliens” and a non-album B-side called “Nein König Nein.” The former is melancholy, noisy, and propulsive in a manner that recalls Gold Panda’s hypnotic post-midnight surges, while the latter is ghostly four-to-the-floor thump with all kinds of subtle moving pieces popping in and out of the mix. They’re both beautiful and well worth your time.

01 “Club der Ewigkeiten”
02 “Bonfire”
03 “Moving in a liquid” (Feat. Eddie Fummler)
04 “Colors of autumn” (Feat. Speech of the band Arrested Development)
05 “Music on my teeth” (Feat. José González)
06 “This is my rock” (Feat. Sophia Kennedy)
07 “Illumination” (Feat. Róisín Murphy)
08 “Pick up”
09 “Planet Hase” (Feat. Mano le tough)
10 “Scratch that” (Feat. Róisín Murphy)
11 “Muddy Funster” (Feat. Kurt Wagner)
12 “Baby (how much i LFO you)”
13 “Jesus”
14 “Lord knows”
15 “Seeing Aliens”
16 “Drone me up, Flashy” (Feat. Sophia Kennedy)

Knock Knock is out 5/4 on Pampa Records. Pre-order it here.

CREDIT: Gepa Hinrichsen
Tags: DJ Koze