Olden Yolk – “Vital Sign” Video

Olden Yolk, the group comprising Quilt’s Shane Butler and multi-instrumentalist Caity Shaffer, released an abstract video montage along with their debut single. That montage reappears as one of many threads in the more narratively driven yet equally dystopian video for their second single, a wispy psych-pop track called “Vital Sign.” The self-directed clip also involves a pigeon pancake and microwaved cell phones. Butler and Shaffer explain what it all means:

“Vital Sign” represents two sides of a coin. It references feelings of isolation and paranoia felt during periods of illness and confinement, as well as the emergence from such an experience, in recognition of the trials that bind us (“it could have been you too”). The song begins with a reflective moment which quickly reaches a breaking point, accentuated by screeching strings and bellowing background vocals.

Watch below.

Olden Yolk is out 2/23 via Trouble In Mind Records. Pre-order from the label or iTunes.

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