Young Thug Made A Video With Birdman & Paris Hilton

Hey, remember Paris Hilton? If you’re too young, Hilton was basically the Kylie Jenner of 2004, except somehow vastly more annoying. (She also recorded at least one very good song, “Stars Are Blind.”) This morning, Hilton has popped up again, as a sort of human status symbol, in the video for a new track from Young Thug. “Lil One” is a song that will appear on the soundtrack to Before Anythang, a new documentary about Cash Money Records, which is supposed to debut on Apple Music later in the year. (The song is actually credited to Young Thug and Birdman, but Birdman only raps like two bars on it.) The track is amniotic trap haze with a lot of ad-libbed singing and very little actual rapping. And in the video, director Be El Be shoots Birdman, Young Thug, and Hilton lounging vaporously around a well-appointed apartment. Check it out below, via Miss Info.

Before Anythang is coming to Apple Music 5/12.