Nothing,Nowhere. – “Waster” Video

Nothing,Nowhere. is the project of Vermont-based Massachusetts native Joe Mulherin — perhaps you read in The New York Times about how he “blends hip-hop and emo to make tomorrow’s pop”? Yes, Mulherin is riding that Lil Peep wave, but in this case the emo influence is far more pronounced than the hip-hop. It’s not going to be for everyone, but his new single “Waster” just showed up and blew me away. The track, which arrives with a self-directed lo-fi video, finds Mulherin emoting over acoustic arpeggios, Dashboard-style, and then howling through a vocoder, Kanye-style, all building up to a throat-shredding screamo catharsis without ever losing that initial acoustic undercurrent. It’s both pretty and ugly, and I submit it for your consideration below.