Dakota Johnson Failed Her Juilliard Audition With A Radiohead Song

Dakota Johnson was on Seth Meyers last night promoting Fifty Shades Freed, and the conversation focused on various rich-person pursuits like skiing (which Johnson and Meyers both hate despite growing up in Aspen and New Hampshire, respectively) and auditioning for Julliard. Before following parents Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson into Hollywood acting, Johnson once bombed her audition to get into the prestigious performing arts conservatory. As she tells it, after a couple uninspired monologues based on Steve Martin and Shakespeare, she was randomly asked to sing. Radiohead had recently released 2007’s In Rainbows, so in the moment Johnson started singing something from that album, which did not go over well with the panel of judges. “I was just far too indie for Julliard,” she boasts. I don’t know, seems like if she was really all that indie she would have sung something off of Person Pitch. Witness this anecdote for yourself below.