Violinist Boyd Tinsley Announces Break With Dave Matthews Band

Violinist Boyd Tinsley, who’s been a central part of the Dave Matthews Band since 1991, has announced that he’s taking a break from performing with the group, DMBNews reports. “I need to take a break from the band & touring 2 focus on my family & my health 4 a while,” Tinsley wrote on Twitter last night. “I will miss you guys & my brothers in the band but I’m somewhat worn out & need 2 spend more time with my family & 2 bring more balance to my life. Thanks 4 ur Love. #peaceandLoVE” Tinsley, 53, began performing with DMB in 1991 and officially joined in 1992, before the release of their first record. He released one solo album, True Reflections, in 2003, and formed a new band called Crystal Garden in 2015.