Porches’ Aaron Maine Responds To Accusations Of “Posturing As Queer For Capital Gain”

Porches frontman Aaron Maine has responded to controversy surrounding a recent profile of the musician in Out magazine. In the article (titled “Porches’ Aaron Maine Is Embracing His Queer, Suburban Sensuality”), the writer suggests that Maine’s painted nails and spaghetti strap blouses give his music resonance in LGBTQ circles, with queer fans able to “lose themselves” in “this sense of self-isolation.”

“For many of his fans, the news of his heterosexuality may admittedly come as a surprise,” Chris Thomas writes in the profile. “But on his social media feeds, you’re just as likely to see Maine with painted nails or wearing a spaghetti strap blouse for a Vogue shoot as you are to see him lying about with his girlfriend.”

After accusations of “posturing as queer for capital gain” have circled on social media, Maine responded today with a series of photos on Instagram Stories, where the musician voiced his frustration with the way the feature framed things. “I’ve been hesitant to talk about having any relationship with queerness because it seems cache, especially now with the way media directs attention and frames straight presenting people as gender queer or fluid,” he writes. The statement continues:

A lot of the aesthetic choices I’ve made in the past were overlooked and I was assumed to be queer, that I was playing or appropriating queer culture. I’m interested in queerness but mainly performance; Porches has been a platform for me to explore who I am and have myself reflected back to me since I stared the project almost ten years ago. It was a space for me to work through things I felt internally but only more recently felt comfortable enough to embody and physically portray.

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This article originally appeared on Spin.