Sloan – “The Day Will Be Mine”

Sloan – “The Day Will Be Mine”

Canadian power-pop veterans Sloan are returning this year with 12, their 12th studio album, which also happens to contain 12 songs. One of those songs is “The Day Will Be Mine,” a melodic rocker penned and sung by guitarist Patrick Pentland. Hear it below.

01 “Spin Our Wheels”
02 “All Of The Voices”
03 “Right To Roam”
04 “Gone For Good”
05 “The Day Will Be Mine”
06 “Essential Services”
07 “Don’t Stop (If It Feels Good Do It)”
08 “Year Zero”
09 “Have Faith”
10 “The Lion’s Share”
11 “Wish Upon A Satellite”
12 “44 Teenagers”

12 is out 4/6 via Murderecords/Universal Music Canada.

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