Daphne & Celeste – “BB” (Prod. Max Tundra)

With minor 2000 hits “U.G.L.Y.” and “Ooh Stick You,” UK duo Daphne & Celeste delivered a pair of sugar-rush schoolyard taunts that, in hindsight, feel like “Barbie Girl”-style forebears to PC Music’s hyperactive pop deconstructions. Or maybe I’m just drawing that connection because their 2015 comeback single “You And I Alone” was produced by Max Tundra, whose glitched-out funhouse electro-pop definitely was a forerunner to PC Music.

Anyhow, as Pitchfork points out, Daphne & Celeste are now releasing an entire album produced by Tundra. It’s called Daphne & Celeste Save The World, and it’s out at the end of March on Tundra’s Balatonic label. Lead single “BB” is, in my humble opinion, by far the best thing Daphne & Celeste have ever released, a frenetic and synthetic ’80s throwback that still manages to sound like the future. Check it out below along with a video announcing the group’s return.

01 “Save The World”
02 “Sunny Day”
03 “BB”
04 “A.L.T.O.”
05 “16 Stars”
06 “Paint Can”
07 “You & I Alone”
08 “Alarms”
09 “Taking Notes”
10 “Golden Doldrum”
11 “Song To A Succulent”
12 “Whatever Happened To Yazz?”
13 “Kandy Korn”

Daphne & Celeste Save The World is out 3/30 on Balatonic. Pre-order it here in a zillion different formats and combinations.