Topaz Jones – “Toothache” & “Zoom”

Topaz Jones has been pretty quiet since his 2016 project Arcade. But he just hit us with two new songs, and the New Jersey rapper has really got fusion in the bag.

On the first song, “Toothache,” Jones recruited some family for a very ’70s-esque intro to a funk-rap track. “We brought my real life auntie in to do an intro and basically just told her to yell shit,” he told The FADER.

The other track, “Zoom,” gives more of a neo-soul energy with a sound reminiscent of Missy Elliott and Tweet’s “Oops,” but he raps on it double time.

Jones’ skillful cadence is recognizable anywhere, and he’s said in the past that his style is inspired by his father, who was a funk musician, and his grandmother, who formed a Motown music group alongside her siblings. He also enlisted the assistance of his cousin on a hook and some bandmates. “I feel like collaboration is the true sauce when it comes to making good music,” he said of the new music.

The young rapper’s sound is like Pharrell meets Andre 3000 with its ability to string you out of a seat and wrap you in the lyrics at the same time.

Listen to the two new tracks below.

This article originally appeared on Vibe.

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