Kitten – “I Did It!”

Kitten – “I Did It!”

Formed in LA way back at the end of last decade, Kitten have been periodically releasing music for almost 10 years already. Led by singer Chloe Chaidez — who, even at a young age, had a powerful voice and knew how to use it — the group released a couple EPs in the early ’10s and a self-titled debut in 2014. Indebted to ’80s pop, it was full of gleaming yet smoky synth jams that recalled early Madonna as well as the moments where ’70s punk bands like Blondie went mainstream, all of it filtered through the dispositions and tricks of a few decades more worth of pop music.

It was a promising start, followed by the 2016 EP with the (very ’80s) name of Heaven Or Somewhere In Between. Between the two releases, Kitten had some great jams, whether earworms like “Like A Stranger” or later cuts like “Fall On Me” and “Heaven,” where the group got a little more claustrophobic and nocturnal. Now, after some years and some lineup shifts, Kitten are getting close to releasing their sophomore album.

Today, they’re giving us our first glimpse of that collection via lead single “I Did It!” “The song is both regretful and empowering,” Chaidez explains. “It’s about the kind of mistake that ends up showing you the way forward. I’ve made a lot of those. I’m sure there will be more.”

Compared to Kitten’s past work, “I Did It!” is a similarly glistening and infectious slice of retro-pop, but there’s a new urgency underpinning it all. The song rushes forward with a propulsion that’s muscular while remaining brisk, Chaidez tumbling through her repetition of the title. She’s too in control of her own voice to come across as breathless, exactly, but she does deliver the lines like they have to come out right there, in that moment, immediately. Check it out below.

“I Did It!” is out 2/16. Kitten’s sophomore album will be out later this year.

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