Lil Pump Arrested For Firing A Gun Inside His House

Lil Pump has been arrested for firing a gun inside of his San Fernando Valley home, TMZ reports.

According to Pump’s manager, the 17-year-old rapper claims that three men were attempting to get into his home through the front door around 4PM yesterday, and that the intruders are responsible for a gunshot in the door. Police said that Pump had been smoking marijuana and that his claim of an alleged intrusion was unreliable since it appeared that the hole in the door came from a weapon discharged inside of the house.

When police returned to the scene with a search warrant they found an unloaded handgun hidden in the bushes outside of Pump’s apartment. Ammo for the gun was found inside of the apartment. Pump is now being held in juvenile detention for discharging a weapon in an inhabited place. According to TMZ, his mother is under investigation for having an unsecured gun in the home and for endangering a minor.

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