High Sunn – “Those Last Words”

Last we heard from the now 18-year-old San Fran musician Justin Cheromiah was when he was putting out his umpteenth EP as High Sunn, Hopeless Romantic. Now we’re getting a look into his upcoming full-length debut, Missed Connections, with “Those Last Words.” The jangly guitar — and more so the urgency in Cheromiah’s voice when he sings lines like, “I see the stare from your eyes” — puts him in line with bands like Rooney and the Strokes.

With Cheromiah sporadically flipping to falsetto, lyrics sung out of confusion, frustration, and mixed emotion make this music ever-relatable, especially to a teen, and puts the rest of us in a good place to understand what more to expect from High Sunn’s debut LP. Check it out below.


01 “Summer Solstice”
02 “I Thought You Were There”
03 “Those Last Words”
04 “Soft Spoken”
05 “Kokuhaku”
06 “Banh Mi”
07 “Indirect Kiss”
08 “Dedication”
09 “Freshman Year”
10 “Hoho Market”

Missed Connections is out 4/13 via PNKSLM. Pre-order it here.

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