The Weeknd Helped Oprah Avoid An Awkward Conversation With Leonardo DiCaprio

If you’ve consumed online media in the last week, chances are you’ve seen pictures from Ellen DeGeneres’ star-studded birthday party. What’s missing from its coverage, however, are images of Oprah dancing on tables, which I have no doubt exist after listening to her event recap this morning on Ellen. The multi-millionaire talkshow host speaks breathlessly about rubbing elbows with “celebrities,” two of which she couldn’t seem to identify.

“Oh, that’s the Weeknd?!” Oprah retells her encounter with the first mystery guest. Apparently he had a new haircut. Enter Leonardo DiCaprio, whom Oprah initially describes as “this guy.” She wondered if the man in front of her was pop star Justin Timberlake, on an out-of-the-woods excursion. The Weeknd quickly came to sweet, clueless Oprah’s rescue with some tag-team detective work; he asked DiCaprio about his latest film, which DiCaprio admitted “wasn’t good” for him, allowing Oprah to follow-up and deduce this enigmatic character. The thrilling encounter was later immortalized on the Weeknd’s Instagram.

The evening took place in a “velvet womb of a bar,” Oprah recalls using very Oprah descriptors. “I can’t remember in my life having that much fun,” she beams. “I don’t know what happened to me.” Ellen almost shrugs, “Well, it was a good party.” Bruno Mars DJed her last birthday party until two in the morning, which I assume is hard to top. Watch Oprah recount her boozy adventure below.

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