Little Dragon – “Sway Daisy”

Little Dragon – “Sway Daisy”

Gothenburg synth-pop act Little Dragon are consistently worth checking out, and even a decade-plus into their career they managed to snag an Album Of The Week honor for their last full-length, 2017’s Season High. They are embarking on a North American tour next week, and to hype up the occasion they’ve released a new one-off track called “Sway Daisy.”

It’s in the same world as the rest of the rubber-band-snapping synths that the group conjures up, and this one’s on the more muted side of the equation. It finds Yukimi Nagano trying to come to terms with an absence, attempting to place a long-distance call to the beyond. “I been calling to the other side/ I been waiting for an answer,” she sings. As the track glides along, it builds up into something more fortified, and by the time she invokes her friends to stand along with her, it feels like this funereal has enough fight to keep going on: “Maybe I’ll know, someday, someday/ Come as I see fire in the night/ Shining on me, shining on all of us.”

Listen below.

“Sway Daisy” is out now via Loma Vista.

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