SALES – “Off And On”

SALES are an indie pop duo from Orlando, and their music is hushed and stripped-bare and oddly ritualistic. Their sound is somewhere between Galaxie 500 and the xx, with the dreaminess of the former, the rhythmic sophistication of the latter, and the quiet sense of intimacy of both. It’s a radically pretty sound, and it probably isn’t getting enough attention.

Two years ago, SALES released their self-titled debut album after we’d posted their songs “Big Sis” and “Jamz.” Today, they’ve followed it up with a new one-off track called “Off And On.”It’s an early taste of a new album that will supposedly be arriving this summer.

“Off And On” has murmuring bass and spidery guitars and conversational, plainspoken vocals from Lauren Morgan. All of those pieces fit together intricately, like a puzzle, but it all adds up to a warm bath of a song, welcoming and deeply pleasant. There’s not really a genre for this kind of thing — you could call it “rhythmic slowcore,” I guess, if that’s not a contradiction in terms — but it’s totally instinctive, and it’s not hard to imagine a future where a whole lot more bands sound like this. Consider it a good way of easing into a Monday morning and listen to it below.

You can buy “Off And On” at Bandcamp.

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