Girl Ray – “The Way We Came Back” Video

Last year, Girl Ray, a trio of actual teenagers from London, released a deeply impressive debut album called Earl Grey. The band reflected the shimmering DIY sound of ’90s twee-pop, even though the members of the band weren’t born when that music was at its apex. Since its release, they’ve already released one single, the seasonal jam “(I Wish I Were Giving You A Gift) This Christmas.” Today, they’ve got another one.

Frontwoman Poppy Hankin wrote “The Way We Came Back” a few years ago, when she was 16, but the band only got around to recording it after finishing Earl Gray. It’s a sprightly but bittersweet piano-based tune. In the video, the band hangs out at the British seaside on a grey day; director Rita Conry filmed them in splitscreen. Here’s what bassist Sophie Moss says about the new song:

It’s cute, I guess. You kinda want to skip to it, you know? Makes you think about arguments but it doesn’t make you hate them that much. It’s an early, early — we’re talking pre-Earl Grey here — banger that we wanted to oil up. It was one of the first songs Poppy wrote when she was 16, which we all found pretty impressive. Sly arrangement, good vibes here.

Here’s the video:

The 7″ single of “The Way We Came Back” is out 4/20 on Moshi Moshi; you can order it here.