Car Seat Headrest Has Subreddit Shut Down Following Community Drama

Car Seat Headrest Has Subreddit Shut Down Following Community Drama

Will Toledo would like Car Seat Headrest fans to please “chill the fuck out.” The CSH frontman has taken to social media to chastise overzealous fans after some drama apparently went down on the r/CarSeatHR subreddit.

“Hi everyone. I make music. To ‘be a fan’ of Car Seat Headrest, literally all you have to do is listen to and enjoy the music,” Toledo writes at the beginning of a lengthy thread on Twitter. “If you feel compelled to show your fanship in additional ways, all I ask is that you ask yourself WHY and whether it would be a Good or Bad thing to do. e.g. making fan art? Good! searching for defunct myspace pages to find pictures of me at age 13 to share with a network of strangers? Not good.”

In conclusion, he says, “My advice is to chill the fuck out, don’t talk to strangers online, and make a minimal effort to be a decent human being … I was ignoring it when the insult was only to me, but it recently escalated to open warfare between community members who hated each other. This is not a ‘good community.’ Take a break.”

The subreddit has since by shut down by moderators. “Sorry, we’re on an indefinite hiatus, as per request of Will,” a message on the page reads. Find all of Toledo’s tweets addressing the situation below.

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