Drawing Boards – “Something On Me”

Drawing Boards is a band fronted by ex-Dirty On Purpose singer-drummer Doug Marvin and Sisters guitarist Aaron Pfannebecker. Since its inception, the Queens-based project has grown to a four-piece, calling upon the talents of TEEN’s Jane Herships and Darlings’ Peter Rynsky.

The band’s self-titled debut comes out tomorrow and to celebrate, they’ll be performing at Brooklyn’s Alphaville with Wild Pink, the Fluids, and Cheekface. Today, we’re giving you a little head start with “Something On Me.”

The lyrics in this track are laced with romance as well as a bit of longing. “Don’t wait up for me/ You need your sleep,” as Marvin sings at the onset, reflects who and what inspired “Something On Me” to come to fruition. Marvin explains:

I wrote and recorded it (and another song on the record called “Post-Halloween”) in an all-nighter when my wife, Annie Hart, was out of town with our kids. Aaron added some guitar and I spent hours mixing it and tweaking it. Spacemen 3 helped too.

Listen below and determine if Drawing Boards are a band you’ll keep going back to.

Drawing Boards is out 3/2 via Gentle Reminder. You can pre-order it here.