Overzealous Fans Halt Another Elton John Vegas Show During “Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting”

Please do not mess with Elton John when he is performing!! Last Month, a fan hit John in the mouth with Mardi Gras beads during a show at Caesar’s Palace in Vegas while he performed “Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting.” And last night, when John invited fans to gather ’round the piano once again during his rendition of the song, the crowd got a little too close for comfort.

TMZ reports that John reacted angrily when fans crowded close to him, reportedly cussed at them, and stormed offstage. He came back on a little while later and performed “Circle Of Life,” but not before telling the crowd: “You fucked it up!”

Judging by the following video footage obtained by TMZ, it appears that a fan was attempting to high-five John while he was performing. Bad move! They fucked it up!

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