Perfume Genius – “Lulla,” “Jory,” & “Onscreen”

Perfume Genius – “Lulla,” “Jory,” & “Onscreen”

On 2014’s Too Bright and especially last year’s stunning No Shape, one of the very best albums of 2017, Perfume Genius mastermind Mike Hadreas flirted with maximalist baroque pop music. But he made his name on delicate piano ballads exploring dark subject matter, and it seems he’s returning to a variation on that sound — at least temporarily.

Late last month, Hadreas dropped a song called “Jory” on his YouTube channel without any fanfare, and today, he’s followed it up with another entitled “Lulla.” Both are lovely, ethereal piano-led pieces that seem in danger of floating away at any moment, and both come along with videos of what looks like vintage porn. (So yeah, NSFW).

It’s unclear if these are just one-offs or from a new project or maybe a Record Store Day 7″, as some guy on r/indieheads theorizes. But whatever the case may be, they are quite beautiful and well worth your time, and you can find both songs below.

UPDATE: Here’s a third (also NSFW) visual titled “Onscreen.”

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