David Lynch Announces Angel Olsen, Animal Collective, Flying Lotus, & More For Brooklyn Festival

Last year, filmmaking legend David Lynch curated and presented the Festival Of Disruption, which brought a fascinating array of artists to Los Angeles. This year, the Festival Of Disruption is coming back. But this time, it switch coasts, coming to the new New York venue Brooklyn Steel.

Some, though not all, of the artists playing this year’s version of the festival performed at the roadhouse on Lynch’s Twin Peaks: The Return last year, which should give you some idea of the vibe he’s bringing to this thing. Angel Olsen will perform solo, as will My Morning Jacket frontman Jim James. Flying Lotus will be there with a DJ set, and the bill also includes Animal Collective, Jon Hopkins, longtime Lynch favorites Au Revoir Simone, and the Mulholland Drive/Twin Peaks: The Return performer Rebekah Del Rio.

There’s more than music on offer. The program also includes talks and screenings, including Lynch’s own Rare Short Films and a screening of Blue Velvet with star Isabella Rossellini. Lynch and a few other visual artists will have exhibits up, and there will be meditations, including one set to Brian Eno’s Reflection. You can find out more about the festival here.