Big Ups – “PPP”

“Look into the crystal/ And see what you wanna see!” So goes the harshly howled refrain from “PPP,” our first preview of the next Big Ups album.

The Brooklyn post-hardcore scrappers will be back this May with Two Parts Together, the follow-up to 2016’s Before A Million Universes. Its lead single, not to be confused with the Beach House song of the same name (not that anyone would), finds Joe Galarraga railing against a fortune-teller while serrated guitar stabs and depth-charge power chords take turns attacking your eardrums. It would sound rad in a Y2K-era skate video, and maybe it goes without saying, but I mean that as a compliment.

At The Fader, Galarraga offers some background:

We wrote this song before we realized there was a Beach House song with the same name — whoops. “PPP” is about the power of mystery; it plays with the idea that psychics will see the future in a crystal ball. But what if the crystal breaks and refracts the vision, like a prism? Or magnifies it? A lot of the songs on Two Parts Together focus on unknowability, and this song flips the script on a psychic reading.

Listen below.

01 “Two Parts Together”
02 “In The Shade”
03 “Trying To Love”
04 “PPP”
05 “Tenmile”
06 “Fear”
07 “Tell Them”
08 “Imaginary Dog Walker”

Two Parts Together is out 5/18 on Exploding In Sound. Pre-order it here.

CREDIT: Montana Elliot
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