Alice Bag – “Se Cree Joven” Video

Later this month, Alice Bag will release her second solo album, Blueprint. We’ve heard “Turn It Up” and “77” already, and today the Los Angeles-based punk is sharing a third track from it, “Se Cree Joven.”

“This song is based on a personal experience I had while shopping at ‘dollar store’ where a couple of women were talking about me and my appearance behind my back (they assumed I didn’t speak Spanish),” Bag explains. “Instead of giving them a piece of my mind, I walked away and let it fester until it became a song about not giving a shit what other people think.”

The music video for it plays out that scenario, except that here, in addition to writing a badass song about, she rounds up her coolest friends at a vintage store to launch into a choreographed dance to it. It was directed by Marisé Samitier, who also directed Bag’s video for “He’s So Sorry.” Watch and listen below.

Blueprint is out 3/23 via Don Giovanni Records. Pre-order it here.