Blanck Mass – “Please (Zola Jesus Remix)”

Last year, Fuck Buttons’ Ben Power released his latest Blanck Mass album, World Eater. It found Power moving the project forward, leaping from its noise origins into a dancier, but no less haunting place. And today, he’s released a surprise epilogue to the collection: a digital-only EP titled World Eater Re-Voxed.

The conceit behind the EP is an interesting one. Power asked a handful of musicians to take World Eater songs and reinterpret them — but rather than simply remix them, the artists took the tracks and wrote their own lyrics and melodies on top of them, reworking them so they exist in some space between Blanck Mass and the work of each respective artist involved.

One of the artists who contributed is Blanck Mass’ labelmate Nika Rosa Danilova, the similarly apocalypse-minded Zola Jesus. (Who, as it happens, released her own stunning new album Okovi last year as well.) Danilova selected the World Eater track “Please,” adding her characteristically rich and unsettling intonations onto a track that begins airless and claustrophobic before it erupts into a clattering, convulsing electronic pulse. Check it out below.


01 “Please (Zola Jesus Remix)”
02 “Rhesus Negative (Naked Remix)”
03 “Minnesota (M. Lamar Remix)”
04 “The Rat (Gazelle Twin Remix)”

In addition to the EP, Blanck Mass also announced a Record Store Day 12″ single featuring two new songs, “ODD SCENE / SHIT LUCK.” It comes out 4/20 via Sacred Bones.

World Eater Re-Voxed is out today via Sacred Bones. Purchase it here.