Aisha Burns – “Must Be A Way”

The Beverly, MA-based musician Aisha Burns hasn’t released an album since her 2013 debut, Life In The Midwater, but she’s finally gearing up to put out its follow-up in a couple months, called Argonauta. Lead single “Must Be A Way” is simple but powerful, just an acoustic guitar, some adorning strings, and Burns’ cavernous voice. That space lets the song wallow as much as it needs, as she sifts through her emotions with a poetic lens. “Must be a weight clinging to all of a life here/ Ain’t no way to escape, dear/ It’s grinnin’ with blood in its eyes/ But is it a lie?” she sings at one point. Here’s how she set the scene for the track over on NPR:

For “Must Be A Way,” I imagined what the physical manifestation of depression might look like if it took on the form of a geographical space. I finished the song in Marfa, Texas, a place I truly and joyously love, but the sense of sparseness and isolation I found while further exploring the West Texas desert seemed to apply. Like some sort of damaging mirage, depression bends the lines of reality and leaves you in a fight to discern what’s real and what’s only an illusion.

Listen below.

01 “We Were Worn”
02 “I Thought I Knew You Well”
03 “Must Be A Way”
04 “If I”
05 “Would You Come To Me”
06 “Argonauta”
07 “Leavin'”
08 “Where Do I Begin”

Argonauta is out 5/25 via Western Vinyl.

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