DMA’S – “For Now”

The Australian trio DMA’S drummed up a bit of buzz around their 2015 EP and 2016 debut Hills End for their bright, hooky mix of peak ’90s Britpop, Madchester, and ’80s indie strains from their home country. Notably, they were a rare group that convincingly conjured up Oasis in their prime, but could slide into the next generation of Brit-rockers for tunes indebted to Arctic Monkeys, too. But as the young band has teased their sophomore LP For Now over the last several months, they’ve also suggested that they’re evolving within that lineage.

It started back in October with “Dawning,” a fleet-footed and sighing piece of infectious jangle-pop. Last month, DMA’S officially announced their new album along with another single, the rainy ballad “In The Air.” And now, they’re back with another preview in the form of For Now’s title track.

If these singles are collectively anything to go by, DMA’S have lost none of the super-melodic songcraft they were honing on their earlier works, but they’re pushing forward into the dreamier, more psychedelic corners of their influences. “For Now” is a churning little maelstrom that harkens back to the Stone Roses and Creation Records. And if you have any kind of weak spot for that sort of thing, it’s just as addicting as past DMA’S jams. Check it out below.


01 “For Now”
02 “Dawning”
03 “Time & Money”
04 “In The Air”
05 “The End”
06 “Warsaw”
07 “Do I Need You Now?”
08 “Break Me”
09 “Lazy Love”
10 “Tape Deck Sick”
11 “Health”
12 “Emily Whyte”

For Now is out 4/27 via Infectious Records. Pre-order it here.

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