Tancred – “Reviews”

Jess Abbott has just announced a new Tancred album called Nightstand, the follow-up to 2016’s Out Of The Garden. Its lead single, “Reviews,” feels urgent and shimmering, as Abbott attempts to undergo personal transformations in an effort to stave off the hurt of a loss. “Everything is fine/ It’s gonna take some time/ When I see lines of trees, it feels like you’re with me/ Feels like this song don’t mean a thing,” she sings, and in a later refrain: “When all I can do is scream, it feels like you’re listening.” The music around her sounds like bones banging together, bursting into a warm spread of keys in its final climactic moments. Listen via NPR below.

Nightstand is out 6/1 via Polyvinyl Records. Pre-order it here.

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