The Sidekicks – “Twin’s Twist”

With their 2015 Epitaph debut Runners In The Nerved World, Ohio’s the Sidekicks completed their transition from DIY basement blasters to a well-oiled indie-rock touring unit. They’re back this spring with their next release for the storied punk label, Happiness Hours, and its lead single picks up where the last one left off.

“Twin’s Twist” is another slice of soaring, gleaming guitar-pop in the mold of early Shins and Band Of Horses. The guitars are tightly wound shimmers, the rhythm section snaps with purpose, and Steve Ciolek’s voice continues to be a glorious laser beam. There is even some lead guitar — which won’t be all that surprising if you’ve seen Ciolek slide into the role of the resident six-string wizard with Saintseneca lately.

This time around the band traded one veteran indie producer (Phil Ek) for another (John Agnello), but “Twin’s Twist” is no radical reboot. Rather, it’s a burst of refreshing familiarity, the sound of a very good band checking back in with more of what they do best. Listen below.

1 “Other People’s Pets”
2 “Mix For Rainy Day”
3 “Twin’s Twist”
4 “Win Affection”
5 “A Short Dance”
6 “Don’t Feel Like Dancing”
7 “Weed Tent”
8 “Summer And The Magic Trick”
9 “Serpent In A Sun Drought”
10 “Elegy For Tim”
11 “Medium In The Middle”
12 “Happiness Hours”

Happiness Hours is out 5/18 on Epitaph. Pre-order it here.

CREDIT: Nick Fancher