Watain Guitarist Throws Nazi Salute In Photo, Leaves Band “For A Period Of Time”

Scandinavian black metal bands really, really hate being called out for doing Nazi things. Last month, Norwegian band Taake were forced to cancel an American tour after a number of venues cancelled their planned shows. Band mastermind Hoest has a history of, among other things, performing with a swastika painted on his chest. In a statement, the band blamed “left wing agitators” for the cancellation. And now notorious Swedish Satanists Watain are going through something similar after their touring guitarist was photographed throwing a Nazi symbol.

As Brooklyn Vegan points out, a photo of touring guitarist Set Teitan has been making the online rounds recently. Watain frontman Erik Danielsson, in grudging response, put out a statement that the salute was “in jest” but that Teitan would take a leave of absence from the band. He seems to resent having to make any changes, though, bemoaning “the mindless moral witch-hunt hysteria that is now festering on worldwide Heavy Metal culture.” Here’s the statement:

The gesture on that picture was done in jest that’s as much as we have to say about that, but to put an end to this tiresome and time-consuming nonsense the guitarist in question has decided to step aside for a period of time to avoid further hopeless discussions on the subject.

We furthermore spit upon the ill-willed ignorance of all those who maintain that Watain have any political agenda whatsoever, for 20 years we have proven otherwise and people should know better by now. Finally we would like to send a heartfelt fuck off to all who insist on feeding the mindless moral witch-hunt hysteria that is now festering on worldwide Heavy Metal culture. Hail Satan!

Here’s the photo in question:

Brooklyn Vegan also points out that Tetian seemed to throw that same salute at a recent show in Stockholm and that recent Watain tourmates Destroyer 666 have said a lot of racist things onstage.

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